Top 4 Universities for Economics Major in New York

For Econ majors, there is no higher achievement or mark of excellence than to be awarded with the Nobel Prize. The prize not only includes a medal and parchment paper, but also includes a cash prize valued at 1.2 million US dollars.

But simply picking economics as your major in college is not enough to guarantee you a shot at winning the honor of a Nobel Prize. In truth, there are only a handful of schools in the nation that have produced Nobel Prize winners from an economic field of study. Several of these top producing schools are located within the state of New York. This begs the question of what New York colleges and universities are providing the best education for economic majors?

To answer this question, and because top quality education is crucial to success in the field of economics, the following study was used to discover where these top Economic majors were attending school. The different colleges and universities in New York State were compared against the statistics of Nobel Prize award winners in the economic field. Only student’s awards were considered; faculty and staff were excluded from the study so as to more correctly determine which schools education was producing Nobel Prize recipients.

Best Universities for Economics Majors in New York

  Nobel Prize
Columbia University 7
Cornell University 2
City College of New York 2
The New School 1


1 Columbia University



Columbia University came in first place, with over 7 Nobel Prize winners. The University was first established in 1754, and has placed mathematical based education like economics on the forefront of its focus. Currently around 6,000 undergraduate students are enrolled in the University.




2 Cornell University



Cornell University alumni include 2 Nobel Prize recipients. The University was one of the first liberal arts colleges, and continues to educate its 14,000 undergraduate students with a well-rounded perspective in their areas of study. The Ivy League school first opened its doors in 1865 and still continues to be a respected university and well known for its economics department.



2 City College of New York



Tied with the much more expensive and elite Cornell University, The City College of New York has educated 2 Nobel Prize winners for work in the economic field; other departments in the school also boast multiple Nobel Prize award recipients as well. The impressive resume, coupled with the background as the first free public collegiate level institution of high learning in the country, show that the City College of New York has always placed quality education for every student since its beginnings in 1847.



The New School



Similar in size to Columbia University with around 6,000 undergraduates, the New School was only just established in 1919 and already counts 1 Nobel Prize winner among its alumni. The New School has always been known for its progressive and forward thinking vision, which makes it a good choice for students in the New York City area.





In the end, Columbia University has produced the most Nobel Prize winners from an economic background. But one could argue that this is due to its status as an elite, top school in the country. After all, if only the top students apply to the school, than the education they received isn’t really the determining factor in the school’s statistics.

Looking at the picture this way, the City College of New York possibly does the best job of providing education for economic majors that can pave the way to winning achievements such as the Nobel Prize. Because it is a public school, it has many more students from much more varied backgrounds of different levels of wealth and quality of education prior to enrollment. Yet it still produces Nobel Prize winners equal to that of other elite Ivy League schools.

For economic majors seeking an education to send them to the top, the City College of New York might just be the answer.




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