Top 10 Universities for Pre-Medical Major in New York

Students in the field of Medicine have made some of the most useful and beneficial advancements for humanity in the last two centuries. Post-graduation, scientists in the field of Medicine can earn prestigious awards for their achievements, such as the Nobel Prize and the Wolf Prize. The prizes are lucrative, to be sure. The Nobel Prize award recipients receive over 1 million US dollars, while the Wolf Prize winners are rewarded with over $100,000, along with the diplomas.

Education plays an enormous role in the potential of these scientists; without continued education in the field of Medicine, previously learned information quickly becomes irrelevant, as the field is constantly developing and changing at a rapid pace. Looking at the previous award winners within the field of Medicine, there becomes a clear relation in the schools they attended and the quality of education that was provided there to their ability to progress in their careers to the point of winning such prestigious awards.

If future medical students and scientists wish to progress to such high levels in their career as well, it is important to determine which colleges and universities deliver the best results.

By comparing schools from the state of New York, where many of the best institutions of higher learning are located, an analysis was created of the schools data against that of Nobel Prize and Wolf Prize winners. Faculty members were not included in this study, and school choices were limited to those in New York State to create an equal demographic.

Best Universities for Pre-Med Majors in New York

  Nobel Prize Wolf Prize
Columbia University 12  
Cornell University 4 2
New York University 3 2
City College of New York 3  
Rockefeller University 2 1
Hunter College 2  
Union College 2  
University of Rochester 2  
Brooklyn College 1 1
Queens College   1



Columbia University


Columbia-UniversityThere are 12 Nobel Prize Award recipients who have graduated from Columbia University. Since its beginnings in 1754, the University has continued to place importance on high academic performance and continues to receive high reviews across the board. There are currently around 6,000 undergraduates in attendance at Columbia.





Cornell University


Cornell-UniversityCornell University’s alumni includes recipients of both awards; 4 graduates have won Nobel Prizes, and 2 graduates have won Wolf Prizes. The University was founded in 1865 with the goal of providing a liberal inclusive education to all who wished to study in any field of their choice. Cornell still remains a leading Ivy League liberal arts college with just over 14,000 undergraduates.




New York University


New-York-UniversityNew York University has graduated a respectable 3 Nobel Prizes and 2 Wolf Prize winners. The University was founded as a nonprofit institution in 1831. Today it continues to be one of the largest private nonprofit colleges for higher education in the country with an undergraduate enrollment of 23,000 students.





City College of New York


City-College-of-New-YorkThe City College of New York was established in 1847 as a free public co-ed college. It was the first of its kind in the country, and continues to be well known and respected as a standard of public education. The College boasts 3 Nobel Prize recipients among its alumni, who continually stand toe-to-toe with some of the most elite educated scholars in the nation.





Rockefeller University


Rockefeller-UniversityFor those who wish to pursue postgraduate and postdoctoral education in Medicine need look no further than Rockefeller University in New York City. The University has graduated 2 Nobel Prize winners and 1 Wolf Prize recipient. Founded in 1901 by the famed John D. Rockefeller, the private university originally started as the Rockefeller University of Medical Research; to this day it continues to excel in all areas of medicine.




Hunter College


Hunter-CollegeHunter College is a public college that not only oversees its own college but high school and elementary school as well. This dedication from a student’s first years all the way through undergrad and graduate work prove to be successful in turning out highly competent and educated students. The College has 2 Nobel Prize recipients in medicine among its alumni, both of them women, and is the only college in the United States with that honor. The college was origionally founded in 1870 and currently enrolls over 15,000 undergraduates.


Union College


Union-CollegeFounded in 1795, Union College did not become co-ed until the 1970s. The private institution is small but has produced 2 Nobel Prize winning alumni, which is a high percentage considering it enrolls only around 2,000 undergraduates at a time. A high percentage of Union College grads study medicine and other sciences at the school; the program is well respected and provides excellent education within the field.




University of Rochester


University-of-RochesterThe University of Rochester was founded in 1850; since its beginnings, it has produced 2 Nobel Prize recipients from among its alumni. The private University enrolls just under 5,000 undergraduate students consecutively, and has long been tied with some of the most prestigious institutions, research, and developments in the nation in all areas of science and medicine.





Brooklyn College


Brooklyn-CollegeBrooklyn College has educated 1 Nobel Prize winner and 1 Wolf Prize winner since its establishment. Known as the “Poor Man’s Harvard”, the College continues to award its 13,000 undergraduate students with Ivy League quality of education at nearly half the price.






Queens College


Queens-CollegeQueens College first opened its doors in 1937 and currently enrolls just under 15,000 undergraduate students. The public college is one of the largest and oldest in New York City’s Public university system and offers high quality of education to all of its students. The alumni track record is extensive, and includes 1 Wolf Prize winner.





Out of the 10 top producing award winning scientist of medicine, nearly half are members of the City University of New York (CUNY) system. Colleges and Universities in the state of New York include some of the highest and most respected institutions in the entire nation; the ability of the CUNY schools to have educated an almost equal amount of Nobel Prize and Wolf Prize winners as their Ivy League counterparts prove that quality of education is not always proportional to the level of education.

Take the City College of New York, for example. The school has lower tuition, is public run, and yet has graduated almost as many Nobel Award winners as the much more expensive and private Cornell University. Students interested in studying medicine in New York State can find solid schools with high quality education and lower financial burden by looking no further than the schools in the CUNY system.




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